Fuel Contracting

The Heyob Energy Price Risk Management Program is a contractual agreement that allows our fuel customers to lock in fuel prices for a specific period of time, helping them minimize fuel price risk and better manage their fuel budget to control energy costs.

Because we understand that all of our customers have unique energy needs, our fuel contracting programs don’t follow a one-size fits all approach. Contracting is ideal for customers with both large- and small-scale fuel needs.

  • You pick the fuel amount (500 gallon minimum)
  • You pick the contract period
  • You pick the delivery schedule

We use our expertise of the fuel industry and practical real-world experience to work with you to contract a fair, fixed fuel price. Contracted fuel prices are stable during a designated contact period, and we guarantee that the price will not increase – even during the most dramatic market fluctuation.

In today’s volatile energy market, the Heyob Energy Price Risk Management Program takes the guesswork out of forecasting fuel expenses. Contract customers avoid seasonal fuel cost fluctuations and can more accurately determine the company’s bottom-line profit potential.

For additional information on Premier’s Price Risk Management Program, contact us today at 513-367-6868.

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